Hey peeps. I am listening to my fat black cat Lil Lil Wayne snore next to me and my fiance snore in the bedroom through the open door, and I realize that I am in a pretty good place right now in my life. I have been working out, eating right and taking a small step back from the comedy scene in my city of San Antonio for the last two months to recharge my batteries. I need it. I have been doing over 300 sets a year for over a decade and I needed a bit of a break, and I am ready to jump head first back into my mistress that has always been so eager to bring me joy and pain.

I have a love affair with the stage. I want to try and focus on that for the rest of my life, and I thank all of you fans and friends who have come to shows and always made me feel like a rockstar. Thanks for checking up on me. This website will be where I live on line and hopefully ween me off of the social media which I feel is the worst thing that mankind has created. This will be where I post shows, new videos, podcasts, etc. Check back frequently and see if I am in a town near you soon.